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第四季 第6集的配樂

Dirty and Clean



P.S. 今天是戴蒙的生日^^


There is a ghost 
deep in my throat
shoving it down
speak and you choke
every fire
sharpens the flood
throbbing and wild
stained in blood
and each little lie
making mountains
mountains I climb
wasting my time
wasting my time
feeding the fire
teasing the lies
with dirt in my eyes
Ohh dirt in my eyes....
Pissed it away
the heroes are gone
dirt in their sheets
rum on their tongues
somewhere between
dirty and clean
water and smoke
laugh and you choke
Ohh dirt in my eyes...
There is a ghost
deep in my throat
shoving it down
speak and you choke
somewhere between
dirty and clean
the truth and the lie
with dirt in my eyes
Ohh dirt in my eyes...
10 Guilty
Where would I go
How would I know
Where would I stand
If you never loved
You couldn't show
You didn't know
You'd never hold my hand
Long enough for me to
Feel past your fingertips
They'd never linger like
Your lips would linger on mine
You'd lay your eyes on me
Then lay goodbyes on me
Every everytime

And I charge you with this
That you really loved me
And I could feel it in your kiss yes yes
That you really love
And you wouldn't admit to me
I find you guilty
Of really loving me
You were afraid
You couldn't stay
You'd never say
The truth behind your eyes
You'd tell me lies
You'd criticize
But I wouldn't buy it
Cause I could see right through you
You wouldn't give me the time of your day
You'd only give me your nights one way

I wouldn't buy it your coolness the quiet
Your lie is a riot to me
You wouldn't give me your love
You were way far above
Like a dark brooding cloud
Over see


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  • 生日快樂~~~!!!!
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